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8/25/2006 11:53:00 AM

You don’t really need me to tell you about teahouses in Vienna. Vienna is justifiably famous for its many wonderful teahouses; and our 2-night stay was not nearly enough time to learn about and experience them all. Any guidebook will give you the names and locations of the more famous teahouses, and my only advice is to start off with a guidebook’s recommendations, and then to follow your eyes. There are heaps of teahouses all over town, most of them very, very good. This post is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, but rather a quick introduction to whet your appetite and encourage you to visit Vienna!


Demel is, I think, the most famous of all Viennese teahouses. Apparently they're the only ones (apart from the Hotel Sacher, of course), who have the original recipe for sachertorte. Their hot chocolate is amazing. It's easily the best hot chocolate I've had anywhere in the world.

Hot Chocolate @ Demel

Demel Raspberry Baked Cheesecake

Raspberry Yogurt cake

Pastry Chef @ Demel taking a photo of his food... I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!


Cafe Landtmann was a recommendation from TimeOut, and was a really nice place to sit and enjoy the balmy summer night. The waiters are really friendly, and the bathrooms are very nice.

Cafe Landtmann

Landtmann's Kugelhopf - Freud used to eat kugelhopf every day.

Soda Zitrone!


Aida is a chain of fab teahouses all across town, easily recognisable by their retro and super-cute pink decor.


Aida's Smart Car

Topfen strudel - topfen = cream cheese and strudel = strudel

On a quick aside, topfen is the most delicious thing ever! The literal translation is cream cheese, but it is different from cream cheese - more grainy and thick and cheesy. It is so good! It's very uncommon to see cheese-based sweet pastries in Australia, (and even if we could, they wouldn't be as good), so I decided to indulge at every available opportunity.

Topfenstrudel, coffee and a cake that Clarice was eating

K&K Hofzuckerbacker L Heiner

This one came highly recommended by Clarice's father, and is lovely and quiet and non-touristy. I think we visited it 3 times during our stay, mainly for ice-cream and soda zitrone.

Ice-cream cone


This is another famous teahouse, with worn tapestry chairs and a very peaceful, quiet atmosphere.

Cafe Sperl

Cafe Sperl Interior

Cafe Sperl Interior 2

Topfen Cake (more of that delicious topfen!)

Drinks in Sperl

Sperl Schnitzel - different from Figelmüller but still good!

Sperl Potato salad


Right across the street from K&K Hofzuckerbacker L Heiner.



Sausages - be warned, that horseradish is lethal!

Soma Himbeer - 500mls of deliciousness

Interior of Diglas

Coffee Diglas - I love the way that they serve coffee on silver trays with water!

Apfel Strudel @ Diglas

Mmm... apfelstrudel!

In case you're wondering, yes, we did eat all that food (and more!) in 2 days. On our last day in Vienna, I think we did 5 teahouses. It's a tough life..

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