London: Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

8/01/2006 08:38:00 PM

As I tuck into a nice warming bowl of Vegetable Soup, let me reminisce about some of the delicious things I ate overseas...

Whilst staying at Clarice's house in London, we decided that, given my obsession with fresh raspberries, Nigella's chocolate raspberry pavlova (from Forever Summer) just had to be made.

It's just an ordinary pavlova, (egg whites, sugar) with cocoa powder, grated chocolate and red wine vinegar added. I whipped up the egg whites by hand!

Whipped by hand - feel the power

mmm... cocoa

raw mixture

From memory, you bake it at a medium low temperature for about an hour. While it was baking and cooling, we prepared a light and healthy dinner - roasted cod and pumpkin, a rocket salad, and a fresh ricotta and cherry tomato salad. (The fresh ricotta came from a fabulicious Italian deli around the corner... yum!)

healthy dinner

So once the pavlova's baked and cooled a bit, (Nigella says to let it cool overnight, but we weren't having any of that), it's a simple matter of piling whipped cream on top, followed by raspberries and chocolate shavings...

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

...and then digging straight in!

Mmm... that is a GOOD pavlova. The little chocolate chunks embedded in the soft, chewy pav-mixture are just divine! Combined with the bland and fatty cream, and the tart and juicy raspberries, it's a flavour and texture sensation. I am definitely pulling this one out next summer!

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  1. This is probably my FAVE party dessert- it's so easy and so bloody good! It's become my staple contribution to a lunch we have every Easter Sunday. Just thinking about it gets my mouth watering...



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