Europe 2006

Porto: Stash for the Train

8/09/2006 04:25:00 PM

Here's all the food we bought to sustain us on our train ride out of Porto.

Citrus sponge with sugar glaze, (Confeitaria Cunha)

Croissants (Confeitaria Cunha) with candied egg yolk (Supermarket)

Our hoard of sweets (clockwise from left):
Pasteis de vouzela - filo filled with candied egg yolk, made by nuns (Cunha)
Bread rolls (supermarket)
Assorted biscuits, including langues de chat and donut-shaped pastries (Cunha)
Croissants (Cunha)
Mini eclairs, mini custard tarts, choc-dipped biscuits (Confeitaria do Bolháo)

Here's a photo taken on the train itself - ham and local cheese, bought at the chacuterie of Confeitaria Cunha

That was a fun train ride. Of course, we didn't eat all of that food at once. The leftovers became fodder for breakfast and random snack times in our next destination, Barcelona.

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