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Porto: Confeitaria do Bolháo

8/09/2006 02:20:00 PM

There are hundreds of fabulous confeitaria around Porto. My advice for finding a good one is simply to follow your eyes and your stomach. After walking around for a little bit, you're sure to find something that will satisfy. This is precisely what we did to find the wonderful Confeitaria do Bolháo.

Confeitaria do Bolháo

This one's quite traditional in appearance, much less sleek-and-modern than Cunha. The front section houses an amazing array of pastries, breads, biscuits and cakes, whilst the back half is a restaurant. Warning: there are photos on the menu, but don't let this alarm you. The food was great.

Kale soup with sausage is a very traditional Portuguese dish. It's on every (and I do mean every) menu in town.

Bolinho de baccalau - salt-cod & potato fritter

Super-duper salty pork ribs, rice, and fabulously fresh fried potatoes

This is the very bright interior of the restaurant section of the Confeiteria de Bolháo .

We went a bit nuts in the pastry section, stocking up for the long train ride that awaited us the next day (photos coming soon!). However, we also purchased the following dessert for consumption that very day.

This dessert is made of gelatin, sugar and egg whites, baked in a mould, and drenched in sugar syrup. Needless to say, it is very sweet. And deliciously compulsive, with an amazing spongey texture. Buy more than you think you'd be able to eat.

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