Vienna: Hotel Sacher

8/24/2006 04:18:00 PM

In her wonderful book, Old Food, Jill Dupleix includes her own recipe for Sachertorte, which has the merits of being "easier" and "faster", than the original, and most importantly, needing "no return airfare". This is obviously a different story when you're actually in Vienna. I do believe that it would be a culinary crime to visit Vienna without trying the original Sachertorte.

The Hotel Sacher is located in the centre of town, right opposite the Opera House, and the cafe is directly accessible from the street. It's very quiet and calm, with understated decor and unobtrusive waitstaff.

Interior of Cafe Sacher


So moving on, here's the cake! The 2 of us shared a slice (it's rich and expensive, you see), and it was lovely!



It is rich and undeniably chocolatey, but not overpowering or super-dense, like so many chocolate cakes you can get these days. It's got a great cakey texture, it's not too bitter, not too sweet... in fact, I might say it's just right. And worth the return airfare!

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  1. How fabulous that you have got to try 'the' one and only sachertorte! You will have so many stories to tell about your trips when you're old and grey LOL
    Well done Sarah xxx

  2. I stayed in the most fabulous little penione directly opposite the Hotel Sacher (on Kartnerstrasse) - it only had 6 rooms, and we chose it cos we could just waltz oh-so-flippantly over to the opera house for performances. But staying opposite the Hotel Sacher, it would have been total sacriledge not to go in for a slice, plus some alcoholic coffee. I put the total on credit card, after I nearly fainted at the price! Totally worth it, though.



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