London: Nigella's Favourite Breakfast

8/02/2006 08:52:00 PM

Nigella's favourite breakfast, as explained in Feast, consists of a boiled egg, Maldon salt and buttered toast fingers.

Naturally, Nigella stipulates free-range, organic, Italian eggs and bread from the pain Poilâne bakery - neither of which is available in Australia. So when I hit London, this simply had to be made.

The bread is available not only at the bakeries themselves, but also at gourmet food stores and larger Waitrose supermarkets. We got a loaf at Selfridges Food Hall, as well as some organic English eggs (sadly, the Italian eggs were out of stock). Combined with soft unsalted organic butter, and deliciously crunchy Maldon salt, it was the perfect breakfast.

Nigella's Breakfast

Egg open

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  1. Look at the color of the yolk! Amazing.



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