Vienna: The Naschmarkt

8/29/2006 07:31:00 PM

The naschmarkt is a fabulous food market somewhere in Vienna, which sells an amazing variety of produce - they have Middle Eastern stalls, Italian stalls, bakeries, delicatessens, fresh fruit and vegetable stores, cafes, and sausage stalls - just to name a few.

Daniel's Meat Store

Mmm... cakes


The most exciting stall we came across was this Wurst stall we saw, which sold one of Clarice's favourite type of sausage. I forget the exact name, but it's made with chunks of cheese inside, so once they're cooked, delicious strings of melting cheese ooze when you eat them. They're served in a crusty white "Hot-Dog" roll (which puts any hot dog I've ever eaten in Australia to shame), with ketchup, mustard and possibly onion. Amazing.

Wurst mit cheese stall

Wurst mit cheese

Close Up

Click here for a map and more details.

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  1. Have to admit that if you need a "hot dog", nothing beats a wurst. You can't go back to a skinny little red sausage now!!



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