Vienna: Figelmüller

8/22/2006 05:26:00 PM

Prior to arriving in Vienna, I was using the internet at my Berlin hostel and chatting to my mate Timmy K. He'd visited Vienna the year before with his folks, and recommended that I try this restaurant, "Figlmollen?.... Figl-something... well it was good. Best Wiener schnitzel I've ever had. The lamb is also A++!"

Timmy K knows his food, so once we got to Vienna, I was very keen to follow his recommendation. However, with his vague instructions, I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to find it. So imagine my delight when we stumbled across Figelmüller during a big day of shopping, just off the main shopping street. Figelmüller is extremely famous for its fab Wiener schnitzel, and since its inception in 1905, a couple more branches have opened up across town. The addresses are all at the website below.

  • Figelmüller Website

  • Figelmuller

    Here is their famous (and enormous) schnitzel.

    The Schnitzel is large

    We ordered 2 Wiener schnitzel, a potato salad (the recommended accompaniment), and a cucumber salad. Timmy K was right, the schnitzel was awesome. It's pounded super-thin, and lovely and crisp. There are other items on the menu, but I don't see why you'd ever want to go past the schnitzel!

    Clarice: Between mouthfuls...I love your friend Timmy K!
    Sarah: Chomp chomp... Me too! Chomp chomp

    Potato Salad

    Soda Zitrone & Cucumber Salad

    Cucumber salad may not be traditional, but you need something to cool you off in the intense Austrian summer. And speaking of cooling off, soda zitrone is one of the nicest and most refreshing drinks you can get in Vienna. It's just fresh lemon juice and soda water, and you can get it everywhere. I must have drunk at least 3 litres of the stuff during our 2-night stay in Vienna. Brilliant. They give you sugar which you can add yourself, but I like it plain and sour. A good, refreshing, resolutely un-sweet drink is just what you need whilst wolfing down a massive piece of fried meat, or plate after plate of sweet treat in Vienna's finest teahouses...

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    1. Jesus, did you eat it all? Looks like the whole animal went onto that dish, also looks delicious of course

    2. Anonymous3:58 PM

      Did you manage to visit Julius Meinl shop on Graben? Or any of the cafes?

      I took my friends to Demel coffeehouse (lovely, it was suggested by Mannix after all!), and they have been going back to the place every time they are in Vienna and several times during each of their stay!

    3. Ange - I managed about 85% of it before I gave up. Clarice, on the other hand, was more persistent than I and managed the whole thing.

      Redhead - We didn't go to Julius Meinl, but we did try a LOT of teahouses, including the fabulous Demel. Mmm... sugar!

      xox Sarah



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