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3/28/2005 09:27:00 PM

Saturday Night

This is the Roast Chicken Salad from the “Déjeuner sur L’herbe for Eight” menu from the "Kitchen Feasts" chapter in Nigella’s Feast. Chicken breasts, marinated in Marsala and oil, are roasted in the oven, then shredded and served on cos lettuce with soaked sultanas and toasted pinenuts. I wasn’t sure if my family would go for it, but they loved it! The recipe serves 8 as part of a larger meal, and we wolfed the lot down alongside some leftover rice and noodles.

Roast Chicken Salad

Sunday Night

The St. Tropez Chicken comes from the "Wedding Feast" chapter in Feast, so named for its crispy brown skin. The chicken is marinated in a mixture of honey, herbes à la Provence, lemon juice, oil and rosé (I used white wine instead). The recipe asks for a whole chicken, but also says you can substitute chicken breasts. On Saturday, we ended up with two sets of chicken breasts because, in our enthusiasm, Dad and I had both bought the chicken breasts for the Roast Chicken Salad. So, I decided to use the extra ones on Sunday night in this recipe. I served it with the good old Petit Pois à la Francaise ("Valentine’s Day" chapter in Feast), which we’ve had many times before, and will definitely be having again. In fact, mum liked them so much that the next day, she came home from the supermarket with three kilos of frozen peas.

St. Tropez Chicken (Petit pois down the bottom)

Monday Night

These recipes are again Nigella’s (surprise surprise), the Mellow Lamb Steaks from the March issue of Delicious, and the Green bean and Lemon Casserole from the "Thanksgiving & Christmas" chapter in Feast. The lamb was a bit tough (cheap supermarket stuff), but the sauce was absolutely delicious. I am very keen to try Nigella’s suggestion of substituting duck breasts for the lamb steaks. The sauce is 10 whole garlic cloves, simmered in water and orange zest, to which Marsala, orange juice and thyme is added. This is poured over frying lamb steaks, and simmered down. It is so, so incredibly tasty!

Nigella's Mellow Lamb Steaks

The beans, also delicious, are cooked very simply: “just plenty of butter, plenty of pepper, and vicious amounts of lemon”. I took Jamie Oliver’s advice, and cooked them till quite soft – he’s right, a soft bean is so much nicer than a squeaky one!

Green Bean & Lemon Casserole

With recipes like this... low carb is not so hard!

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  1. nigella's st. tropez chicken is my favorite! i have it in the oven right now.



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