Baklava Muffins (How to be a Domestic Goddess)

3/13/2005 12:45:00 PM

Yesterday, I was feeling stressed. Even after a hardcore hour at the gym, I realised that I still wasn’t de-stressed enough, so I decided to bake. We had a carton of buttermilk leftover, so I thought muffins would be the go.

These Baklava Muffins from Nigella’s How to be a Domestic Goddess are an ordinary buttermilk-lightened muffin batter, layered with a sugary-buttery-cinnamon-walnut filling, and soused with honey after baking. I didn’t have any cinnamon at home – it’s all been used up on copious amounts of granola, so I just left it out. Also, we didn’t have walnuts, so I used almonds.

Muffin Mixture

So there’s the muffin mixture. It’s really light and springy, thanks to the buttermilk. What was strange though, was that the mixture didn’t fill 12 muffin tins. I used a regular sized 6-hole muffin tin, and a larger one (that is, a 6-hole muffin tin with larger holes) but only got 8 muffins! I’ve found out since, though, that usually this mixture only makes about 10 regular-sized muffins anyway.

I was almost going to skip the honey-drenching stage, as I was afraid they’d be too sweet. Real baklava is tooth-rottingly sweet, you see. But when I took them out of the oven, I suddenly panicked, recalling the dry, bland muffins that aunties used to give us as ‘treats’… and drizzled them generously with honey whilst they were still warm.



Now, of course, following my Sydney weekend, I am detoxing – so no muffins for me! I wasn’t sure if they’d be any good, in fact, I was afraid they’d suck… but my bro had one for dessert that night...

Daniel: takes one bite Awesome... absolutely fucking awesome!
Mum: Ooh Sarah, these are nice muffins! I wanted another one, but I’ll wait until Dad gets home.

I went out after dinner, which was before my dad came home, and when I woke up, he'd already left for work so I didn’t get his reaction to the muffins. But when I got up this morning (afternoon), there were only two muffins left... which can only be a good sign.

I’ll definitely make these again, with cinnamon and possibly the walnuts. I’m not too fussed about the choice between walnuts and almonds, but I really want to try them with cinnamon – I love the way that baking anything with cinnamon in it fills the kitchen with a warm golden fug of inviting aromas. Baking with cinnamon also makes my hair smell nice - very domestic goddessey, no? Whereas now it just smells like cigarettes...

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