Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

3/22/2005 08:26:00 PM

On Sunday, I spent the whole day summarizing a 12,000 word management article on “Psychological Contract Violation”, which drove me absolutely insane.

The determinations mentioned above are based in the context of the
employee-organization relationship. Employee judgements are made in relation to
the social contract governing this relationship, and a contract breach carries
meaning as a function of the social and normative context.
Wouldn’t it do the same to you? So at about 3 in the afternoon, I said, “Stop the madness!” and retreated to the kitchen to bake a batch of chocolate chip muffins, from the “Kiddiefeast” chapter in Feast. As Nigella says, “Look, I’m not claiming this is the healthiest breakfast in the world, but I think you can let them try their hand at these once in a while at the weekend, don’t you?”

They’re just a chocolate muffin batter with chocolate chips stirred in. I added white chocolate chips because we had them and I was trying to get rid of them.

Muffins cooling on a rack. Some are upside down – can you see the white chocolate in there?

But you know what, despite all my recent muffin baking, I still haven’t gotten around to buying proper muffin papers. So, I just supergreased and sugared the tins, to make sure I could get the little muffins out once baked. What happened though, which was funny, was that because of the buttery and sugary tins, the muffins rose up out of the tins, soufflé style, hence their funny shape. On the upside, however, they do have a delicious sugary crust. Tradeoffs… I think sugary crust wins!

Muffins on plate

Of course, I’m not eating muffins at the moment (but with the amount of carbohydrate I seem to have been eating recently, I may as well be), so for the past two days I’ve been the little muffin fairy, spreading my muffiny goodness all over Melbourne. Oh wait a minute… Did that last sentence sound a bit wrong?


Eden: to Liam Is that a muffin in a bag?
An: They’re really nice! Can you make some more? They have this really nice caramel taste inside! (He was referring to the white chocolate).

Um who else had them...? Paul, my family, Robbie... the response has been positive. They smell great, are very easy, and most of the ingredients are storecupboard ingredients (except for maybe the chocolate chips I guess... but we usually have some form of chocolate bits stashed away somewhere).

More muffins on plate

Go for it!

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