Chocolate Cherry Trifle

3/07/2005 11:02:00 PM

This trifle was the dessert for my dinner party last week. It comes from the Partytime chapter in Nigella’s Feast. As she writes...

You can always make a few puddings and cakes and dot them on the table… or just make one magisterial great bowl of something so fabulous that no one will be looking around for alternatives. Surely this is the best option. Indeed, I know it is.

It’s kinda similar to black forest cake… chocolate cake, cherry jam, Morello cherries, cherry liquor, chocolate custard and whipped cream. You’re supposed to grate dark chocolate over the top, but by the end of the gay dinner party I was so pooped that I just sprinkled dark chocolate chips over it.

Cake covered with cherry jam, cherry wine and Morello Cherries

I used a Safeway mud cake, which has icing on it – it was the most suitable cake I could find at the supermarket. Technically you’re not supposed to use an iced one, but too bad. Anyways, I started on it the night before, and it was super fun making it. You know I enjoy cooking at any rate, but the process of making the trifle was especially enjoyable. Safeway mud cake is moist and squishy, and I was getting in a big mess slicing it up and smearing it thickly with cherry jam, then squishing it into the bottom of my most beautiful glass bowl. Then I added the cherry brandy (I used a Polish cherry wine, over 20 years old…) and cherries and made a chocolate custard to pour over. Left it in the fridge overnight, then covered with whipped cream and grated chocolate just before serving. Bliss! And everyone loved it. It’s extremely rich, but dangerously easy to eat.


Mum: I don’t like these hard things. (Referring to the chocolate chips)

Georgina: Oh my God… There’s an orgy in my mouth!

Jay: takes one bite Does this have alcohol in it?
Sarah: Yeah, sorry! You don’t like the cake?
Jay: Yes, it’s good cake! I want to eat it! But I can’t! I’m driving!
Sarah: Ok, I’ll pack some in a container for you to eat at home.
I pack some into a container
Jay: Little more...
I pack some more into the container
Jay: Can I have more?
Matt: Look, just take that glass bowl, cover it with glad wrap and give it to him.

The completed trifle

It's the perfect dessert to make for a large group of people - easy, fun and delicious.

“Let people fall upon it with greed and gratitude. They will go home happy.”

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  1. This sounds absolutely delicious. Thanks for posting and sharing this recipe.




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