David Rocco's Dolce Vita

3/31/2005 05:13:00 PM

I just saw this program on Lifestyle Food for the first time today - and all I have to say is "Where have you been all my life?". I'd seen ads for it, but had never gotten around to watching it until today. I actually had the TV on in the background as I was on the computer, and just had to stop everything to watch this fantastic show!

David Rocco, an Italian-Canadian, and his wife Nina live in Florence. In the show, David (a self-proclaimed non-chef) goes around Florence, visiting food stores, markets, and shops, and makes some absolutely delicious food at his house. Today I saw "The Party" episode, and he made this fabulous fried eggs and cheese in tomato sauce dish called Fried eggs con Scamorza which looked insanely delicious. He also bought a 36kg wheel of grana padano cheese, and went to buy clothes at these amazing Italian boutiques. And incidentally, his wife is really cute and has great hair and clothes.

Drool for the clothes, drool for the locations, drool for the food!

God I miss Florence! And I was only there for one night!

What I particularly like about Rocco is that he speaks Italian and is really respectful of the culture. He seems to really be enjoying his dolce vita in Italy, and being a part of the society. Which is totally unlike, for instance, Tyler Florence, American chef and star of Food 911 and Tyler's Ultimate. Even though I am a fan of Tyler, he basically just barks in American at people when he does shows overseas, and this gets kinda grating.

Anyway, David Rocco's really cool. Watch this show. It's fantastic. His website's great too - all the recipes from the show, hotspots in Florence and much much more.


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