3/27/2005 10:32:00 AM

Oh my god, I HATE that word! But desperate times call for desperate measures, so as of tomorrow, I'm officially on a "diet" again. I mean, I've already started eating healthier since I returned from Sydney (no alcohol, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, chips etc), but I've decided to step it up a notch. To turn it up to eleven, as it were. I'm also sick now, so I think that increasing the amount of fruit and veg I eat can't be a bad thing.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this diet, I think I should tell you why I'm doing this, and what it is I want to achieve.

I want to...

  • Lose 12.5 kilos - random amount I know, but get over it
  • Fit into my old clothes - I suppose that means becoming a size 10...? I'm not really fussed about specific numbers, as Australian clothes sizes are all over the place anyway
  • Get a body worthy of a Brazilian Bikini (right, DG?) - I'm hoping to travel through South America after I graduate (right, An?), and I plan to marry, or at least seduce, a handsome, rich, old, and leathery man on the Copacabana beach, preferably with the LV logo emblazoned on his leathery skin (right, Adri?) Hahaha. But I suppose this aim is more dependent on exercise than diet...

Consequently, I'm on what I call the "Smoothie-Salad-Soup and sometimes sushi, sandwich and cereal (if I'm desperate) diet". This basically involves drastically decreasing my fat & carbohydrate intake - aiming for only one carb-based meal a day.


  • Fruit smoothie - banana or strawberry, with yogurt and soymilk OR
  • Fruit salad with yogurt and toasted nuts/seeds OR
  • Cereal (low sugar, low fat - so no granola, unfortunately) with yogurt, fruit and soymilk

  • Salad (with chicken, tuna, low fat cheese etc)
  • Soup (the low fat, vegie filled variety - tinned Baxter's for preference)
  • Roast meat with vegies
  • Vegie-based stir fries
  • Sushi or Sandwiches if I'm out and can't find a decent alternative - don't forget, I'm also broke, and steaks are expensive


  • Coffee/Tea
  • Fruit (you know, 6 raisins or a banana LOL)
  • Water
  • Yogurt (low fat, low sugar)
  • Diet Coke

Stuff that I won't be consuming

  • Cakes, biscuits, muffins etc
  • ALCOHOL (and cigarettes too)
  • Bread or other carbohydrates (except at meal times)
  • Soft drink, juice

I've already started compiling a list of suitably healthy recipes, from my Bill Granger and Nigella books (no surprise, I found a lot more healthy stuff from Bill Granger), and to get us in the diet mood, we had Nigella's fabulous Roast Chicken Salad for dinner last night. Tonight it's her St. Tropez Chicken (haha more dark and crispy skin) with Petits Pois a la Francaise (pictures coming).

I also already know when I'm taking breaks from this diet - my birthday, my bro's birthday, parents' birthdays and anniversaries, best friends' birthdays. These dates are all spread throughout the year, so hopefully knowing that these rest days are around will keep me motivated on normal days.


Gym 3-5 times a week.

Pilates - 1-2 times a week, depending on what I'm doing that week
Yoga - Once a week, well at least until Spanish classes start again (Spanish clashes with yoga, dammit!)
Cardio + weights work - 3 times a week

I know this sounds ambitious, but I've done it before, and I know I can do it. Just right now, I'm so congested and sore throaty that I can't even contemplate exercise. As soon as I'm better I'll be off like a speed demon.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    does he have to be old and leathery? or can he be young and toned? cos when you come to brazil i can line you up with either LOL
    dg xx

  2. It's a running joke that I'm into old and leathery latino-type men, ever since I posted a photo of the gorgeous Javier Bardem on my other blog.

    But really, old and leathery, young and toned - I'm not fussy. I'm all up for sampling the local cuisine :P

    xox Sarah



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