My latest Living Kitchen acquisitions...

2/01/2005 05:45:00 PM

Look what arrived in the mail on Friday!

3L storage jar, serving platter, citrus juicer

Peters of Kensington had a 50% off special on Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen range, so I just had to go and order some!

All the products are "Dishwasher and Microwave Safe". Thank god, because I really, really want to microwave a citrus juicer. (Only joking). Besides, the platter is so enormous that it wouldn't fit in a microwave or a dishwasher, or even a sink. I think we're gonna have to hose it down instead...

The only other Living Kitchen product that I owned up to that point was a blue Salt Pig, which Dad bought from Myer at a slight discount. Myer, the sneaky buggers, always have the Living Kitchen range at full price, even during "sales". Hmmph.

Peters of Kensington was fantastic. The website was easy to use, and the products arrived in the mail quite promptly. I was so excited when the enormous package arrived, filled with styrofoam beans.

I've put Andy's Fairfield Granola in the storage jar (recipe from Feast) but now I need another one for the chocolate version of the granola! I was tossing up between a smaller blue one, or a white one in the same size. As cute as two blue ones would be (I've seen photos of them together in Allan's kitchen), I ended up going for the larger one due to the sheer volume of chocolate granola that we go through.

I think the sale's ending soon, so I ordered the storage jar and also some cookie cutters... can't wait...

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  1. Anonymous1:41 AM

    v niiiice! yesterday i bought the 4 measuring cups (cos am going slightly insane attempting to convert american recipes) at full price and it's just so damn expensive i can't believe i actually persuaded myself to buy it! here they never seem to go on sale either.
    enjoy the goodies!
    dg xx



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