Chilled soba with Oysters (Jill Dupleix's Old Food)

2/06/2005 07:01:00 PM

This recipe, which is quite similar to Terry Durack's one, is light and tasty, and luxurious on a hot day.

2 cups water
2 tsp instant dashi powder
1 tbs mirin
1 tbs soy sauce
400g soba noodles
2 tsp dried wakame seaweed
2 spring onions
1 small cucumber
1 tsp sesame oil
12 freshly opened oysters, chilled
2 tbs Japanese pickled ginger

To make dressing, bring water to the boil, and add dashi powder, mirin and soy, stirring. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Adjust seasoning to taste.

Fill a large pot three-quarters full with cold water and bring to a high boil. Add the noodles, separating them as they go in. Allow the water to return to the boil, then add a cup of cold water. Allow to return to the boil, then add a second cup of cold water. When the water boils once more, remove from the heat, drain the noodles, rinse under cold water, drain again and chill.

Soak wakame in a small bowl of warm water for 15 minutes where it will expand like crazy. Drain and set aside.

Finely cut spring onion greens on the diagonal and set aside. Peel cucumber, cut in half lengthwise and scoop out seeds. Cut into thin slices, then again into matchstick lengths.

Toss cucumber, noodles, drained wakame and sesame oil together in a bowl,, and distribute among four Japanese bowls. Moisten each bowl with a spoonful or two of the dressing. Top with chilled oysters, 3 per bowl, moisten with a little remaining dressing, and scatter with onion greens.

Serve with Japanese pickled ginger.

Serves 4

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