A fantasy dinner party...

2/07/2005 11:18:00 PM

Recently on the forum, someone posed the question: if you could choose 6 guests to invite to a dinner party, who would you choose?

And, if we're talking celebrities, and not "real" people (so not, unfortunately, my friends and family who live overseas), here is my list.

1. Nigella Lawson - She's totally my culinary hero. I know it might be a bit intimidating, but from her books and shows she doesn't seem to be the type who'd get all judgemental if the food wasn't perfect!

2. The Rock - Partly because he's super-cool, super-hot and a kickass wrestler. But mainly so that I could say "Hey! Can YOU smell what I'M cooking?" (Yes, I realise that I have a lame sense of humour).

3. Gwen Stefani - Just because she's so cool (style-icon status for me) - and I'd love to see her clothes up close!

4. Ben Elton - For intelligent conversation. I've been the hugest fan of his for the longest time - his books are fantastic, his stand-up is hilarious, and I really liked We Will Rock You.

5. Jake Shears - Because he's a great singer, a total spunk and a raging homosexual. I could make stuff like sticky burnt sausages, creamed spinach, chocolate-cherry cupcakes, spotted dick etc. Ooh... double entendres in culinary form!

6. David Bowie - Ditto the spunk factor. I've seen him live twice, and am totally in love with the man. And his music. And his image. Also, from interviews and concerts and stuff, he seems like a relaxed type of person, so that would help with the stress-factor.

Man, that's a great group of very cool people.

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