Vietnamese Prawn and Black Rice Salad (Forever Summer)

1/27/2005 01:07:00 PM

I made this once, a couple of years ago, in our old kitchen. But, I think I got the flavouring wrong, and it only tasted OK. So I never made it again, and the extra black rice I had bought just sat in the cupboard.

On Tuesday night, however, I came home to find my mum cooking the remaining black rice in our rice cooker. She had come across it in the cupboard, and had no idea what it was (sweet, savoury, glutinous, sticky, wild, dyed), so she decided to cook it to find out! With all this black rice just sitting around, I was compelled to give this recipe another try. And it turned out lovely!

Prawn and Black Rice Salad

I think it's best as a starter instead of a main, so if I make it again, it will be in smaller quantities, in small bowls, and it will be the beginning of a Vietnamese-style meal. Delish!

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