Terry Durack's Stone Cold Soba

1/22/2005 10:57:00 PM

The first time I make a non-Nigella recipe in months deserves a blog!

Soba noodles are Japanese buckwheat noodles, normally eaten cold on a hot summer day. Jill Dupleix (Australian food writer) says that they are "more cooling than an air conditioner and a swimming pool combined". How true. They contain protein, rutin, vitamin E and vitamin C, and taste "assertively earthy and nutty", according to Terry Durack (who is, incidentally, Jill Dupleix's husband). Nothing beats hungrily slurping up lightly dressed, cold soba with chopsticks. The talking stops as the eating takes over.

This recipe, from Terry Durack was published in the latest Vogue Entertaining and Travel, and made a fabulously easy, light and tasty dinner last night.

Terry Durack's Stone-Cold-Soba

Cooked, chilled soba noodles are tossed through a dressing of mirin, soy and vinegar, and topped with slivered cucumber, poached prawns and toasted nori. Healthy and delicious.

Terry Durack is the author of Noodle, available at good bookstores and
Jill Dupleix is the author of Old Food, sometimes available at bookstores (but not at, unfortunately).

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