Jamie Oliver's Roast Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary Roast Potatoes

1/23/2005 11:25:00 PM

Ooh, my first recipe from Jamie's Dinners! How exciting! And it totally rocked! The roast chicken is from the "the top ten" chapter - the top 10 list of favourite all-time dinners (as chosen by Jamie and voted by fans through his website).

One chicken, marinated in salt and pepper, stuffed with thyme, a boiled lemon and garlic, roasted in the oven, and then placed on top of potatoes and rosemary, and roasted again. As Jamie himself says, heaven! And the smell coming out of the oven was just insane...

Chicken in oven... only 9 minutes to go!

I served it with some boiled peas. I was gonna do mushy peas but the processor was full of icing (see "Chocolate Malteaser Cake" Blog below this one).

If I make this again (nay, WHEN I make this again), I'll cut up the potatoes smaller, and make sure to coat them properly in the rendered chicken fat for extra crunch. Plus, I will cut off some of the excess fat from the chicken, partly for health purposes, and also to prevent a big pool of unnatractive juices forming in the pan. This time, rather than being completely dry and crispy like proper roast potatoes, the potatoes melded a bit in the juices, taking on a kinda gratin-type vibe (i.e. crispy on top, soft on bottom). Still extremely tasty though. Mmmm... fluffy potato in chicken juices... so so so addictive!

That's one crispy chicken!

But come on, two whole kilos of potatoes?! For four people? Crazy! I gave up after peeling and chopping one kilo, and we were still stuffed by the end. So stuffed in fact, that my dad and I went for a good brisk walk after dinner (knowing that there was chocolate cake for pudding was also motivation!)

Go Jamie!

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