The Chocolate Malteaser Cake – Verdicts

1/26/2005 10:55:00 PM

That Chocolate Malteaser Cake (see two blogs ago) is one yummy cake.

We ate it on Sunday night with Liam and Tim...

Dan & Liam eating cake

Tim eating cake

And the next day Adri & An came over to partake in the yumminess...

Adri & An eating cake

Remains of cake

And the day after that I took a piece to uni for Paul to try. And the day after that (today, Wednesday), Mum & I polished off the last piece with a cup of coffee.

It's such a dreamily light afternoon tea cake! (Sweet, but not stodgy and filling, or "glotally thickening", as Nigella might say...) I'm used to making big-fat-heavy dessert/depression cakes, and this one is different. Still yummy enough to be worth all the calories it contains, but light enough (in taste and texture) not to induce immense feelings of guilt upon consumption. And the malty, Horlicks taste! Yummo.


Adri: I've eaten this. It's very good. Very Horlicky. I like... :P
Paul: That’s good cake.

Sarah: I made a chocolate cake.
An: YAY!... during lunch... Can we have cake now?

And saving the best for last...

Allan: Wow, I'm totally amazed by your cake. It looks better than Nigella's. I never thought to place any maltesers in the center of the cake. I defy anyone else to top the one you made!

Unfortunately, I didn't come up with the idea of the second row of Malteasers. I put the two cakes together with the domed sides facing each other, and panicked when I realised there wouldn't be enough icing to fill the gap! But, it just goes to show that sometimes the best ideas come from accidents.

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