Rack of Lamb with Mint Salsa

1/17/2005 10:05:00 PM

Dad had wanted rack of lamb for a while, so on Thursday we headed around the corner to Rendinas Butcher, the best butcher I have ever been to. The meat (as I have blabbed on and on about before) is biodynamic and thus incredibly tasty. It is slightly more expensive than the average place, but so worth it.

Dad and I walk up to the butcher and look in the window.

Sarah: Ooh! Only $10.49 a kilo for the lamb racks!

Dad and I walk into the butcher.

Butcher: Hi, how are you going?
Sarah: Good thanks! I would like some racks of lamb… enough for four people.
Butcher: How about four racks then?
Sarah: Yeah, okay.
Dad: looking suspiciously at the size of the lamb racks… That’s not enough! Can you make it five?
Sarah: Well, make it six then, so we can share them more easily.
Dad: OK.
Butcher: packing them up Ok… that’s $62.95.
Sarah: What!? Isn’t it $10.49 a kilo?
Butcher: No, sorry, it’s $10.49 each. I can swap them for something else if you want.
Sarah & Dad: Nah, it’s ok, we’ll take them.

Dad pays and we walk out of the butcher.

Sarah: Dad, I’m so so so sorry!

So that night I decided to save two of the racks for the next day, and very guiltily cooked four of them according to Nigella’s recipe. Long story short, it was so delicious (a combination of excellent meat with an excellent recipe) that we greedily gobbled it up. And went back to the butcher the next day to buy more lamb for dinner.

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