Cake Love

11/02/2004 08:39:00 PM

Today I was attempting to get stuck into my cinema studies essay, but the only thing I got stuck into was Lifestyle Food.

When I came home from the gym at about 12:30, I flicked on the TV and what was on but Tyler's Ultimate, one of my favourite cooking programs combining food and travel. He basically goes around looking for the most authentic and best versions of different foods (e.g. pizza, cheesecake, eggplant etc) Man, I am so jealous of that Tyler - he has the ultimate job! (No pun intended). Today's episode was "Party Cakes".

He went to this bakery in Washington DC called Cake Love, run by Warren Brown. I found his story really inspiring. Brown used to be a practising lawyer, but he always had a passion for baking cakes and would bake all night after work. So anyways, eventually he stopped practising law and opened his bakery, Cake Love, making beautiful and delicious cakes (and cupcakes, cookies etc)... It was awesome watching him just whip up a couple of cakes (New German Chocolate, Susie's a Pink Lady and another one which I forget...) with such fast precision - he really knows what he's doing and the cakes looked amazing. His bakery is one of the best in the country and he's also opened a cafe across the street, the Love Cafe. I wanna go to DC just to visit his bakery! I mean, who cares about the Whitehouse, the Pentagon, and all those monuments when there's CAKE!! Sweet delicious cake!

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