Spatchcock Chicken with Lemon & Rosemary, and Double Potato and Feta Bake

11/12/2004 09:25:00 PM

Well I made this for dinner the other night. The chicken is from Forever Summer, and the potato bake is from Nigella Bites. I basically made it because we had feta and a sweet potato lying around and I wanted to use them up before mould and wrinkling occured.

Food... I really should get married.

It really is very very easy.

1. Marinate chicken and cut all the vegies up. Chuck in pan.
2. Go to gym for an hour. (Make mum preheat the oven while you're out)
3. Come home. Chuck chicken and vegies into the oven.
4. Have a shower.
5. Put cheese on top of vegetables for 5 minutes while you...
6. Set the table.
7. Eat.

Dad: Well done Sarah. You make it look easy, but I know it must be very difficult.
Me: Um, nah. Actually it IS very easy. You just cut everything up and put it in the dish.
Dad: Yes, but cutting up vegetables is hard!

Hehe, my dad's gorgeous.

The fun part about making this is spatchcocking (aka dismembering) the chicken. (And no, not just because it's called spatchCOCKing... haha). I used a meat cleaver, then a pair of scissors... then finally my bare hands to rip out the poor thing's backbone before flipping it over and pressing it flat. It's disturbingly satisfying to do. It only takes 45 minutes to cook! Insania.

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