Lunch alla Romana

11/25/2004 04:01:00 PM

Today, after coming home from seeing Bridge Jones' Diary 2, we had the "Supper alla Romana" from Nigella's Feast. Except it was lunch... and I didn't do the dessert (a blonde mocha sauce to pour over ice-cream). In this hot weather, all I would want for dessert is fruit!

The lunch is Penne alla Vodka, and a Ricotta and Pine Nut Salad. It is wonderfully easy to make! The pasta sauce is just tomatoes, onion, garlic and oil, cooked and then tossed through cooked pasta with vodka, and a touch of cream and butter. It's so tasty!

Pasta in Pot

The salad that goes with is some mixed lettuce, topped with toasted pine nuts and ricotta cheese mixed with fresh basil. It is then dressed with oil, vinegar and paprika. It's so so so easy, and looks really impressive! I love the way the red paprika stands out against the white cheese as well. (It makes it looks more professional and less like something you'd quickly whip up after coming home from a film - even though that's what I did).

Ricotta and Pine Nut Salad

I also served it with some leftover Garlic and Parsley Hearthbread (see previous post), which I toasted. I halved the recipes, but still ended up with a lot of food. Never mind, it was so tasty we scoffed the lot.

The Meal

The Penne alla Vodka is, I think, the most popular dish from Feast - practically everyone who posts on Nigella.com (and yes, I am one of them!) has been raving about it, and now I can see why! I'd been dying to make this dish for months - and I'm glad to confirm that it's very very good.

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