Me and my Salt Pig

11/29/2004 09:28:00 AM

About 2 weeks ago, my dad very kindly bought me a pale blue Salt Pig from Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen range. It's so beautiful! It's about 8 inches high, and shaped like an egg. It lives on the Western end of our 3 metre island bench.

Salt pig - with salt

We've filled it with Maldon Salt (the best salt in the world - from Essex!) and it's very convenient for salt-grabbage and sprinklage. He bought it when I was in the middle of exams and studying (in the kitchen, as I do) and the Salt Pig is so cute, it made me smile just looking at its perfectly smooth pale blue happy curviness.

I don't think that Nigella's Living Kitchen range really suits my kitchen too much (it's way too subtle and elegant to sit in a bright-yellow Kill Bill postered room!) but I really love this Salt Pig, and think it really looks at home in my kitchen.

  • The Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen Range

  • And Maldon Salt is excellent. It has a lovely crisp salty taste and a great crunch. And it's good to use in a pestle and mortar for its abrasive texture.

  • The Maldon Crystal Salt Company

  • Me and salt pig - just to prove that I actually own one, and didn't download the above photo from a website!

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