Pappardelle with Courgettes, Sultanas and Pine Nuts

11/12/2004 08:56:00 PM

I made this for just my mum and I the other day for lunch, and it was so delicious I made it for the whole family the next day. I think my dad was sceptical about the raisins at first - but he loved it - all the elements just work so well together.

mmm... smells great


It's from Nigella Lawson's book Forever Summer, which is one of my favourite cookbooks of all time. Also, I just found out on the forum that there's a Forever Summer cooking club who are trying to work their way through the book. How awesome is that?! I love this book so much I've already done about half of them (so so so tasty). I should see if I can join them on this quest.

Um yeah so the pasta - you cook up a bunch of zucchinis with garlic and oil, then add marsala-soaked raisins and toasted pine nuts. Then you toss the whole lot with egg pappardelle (only a small amount because it swells up a lot and is very filling) and have it with loads of parmesan cheese. Mmmm...

By the way, pappardelle is really wide, flat pasta - like a wide fettucine or a very narrow lasagne. The one I bought is about 1.5 inches wide. It's toothsome.

Normally I'd include a quote here from someone who ate it... but it really isn't necessary. My brother was conspicuously quiet during the meal, so I was worried he didn't like it... until we were going for seconds and there was only two pieces of pasta left in the dish. He scooped them up before I even had a chance. My mum scraped the sauce off the tongs. Success.

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