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4/01/2018 06:45:00 PM

My Easter Long Weekend Plans

Hi hi! Hope you've been enjoying the long weekend. My plans have involved chilling out, eating a  ridiculous quantity of hot cross buns, and catching up with friends over good food and wine. For now, it's time for another Current Obsessions post. I get really excited about things, and love to share them with you.

Robert Webb & David Mitchell on Peep Show! Image source.

I am obsessed with Peep Show. Obsessed! My brother bought the season one DVDs about ten years back and I watched a couple of episodes then. I found them funny, but the show didn't really stick with me. More recently, however, I was on a plane and watched a few episodes from season nine and found them hilarious! Like, trying not to cackle on the plane and embarrass myself kind of hilarious. A month or so ago I realised all nine seasons were on Netflix so there was nothing to do but start from the beginning... it pretty much consumed all my spare time for a good few weeks. It's so funny - slacker Jeremy and neurotic Mark, the internal monologues, that cringey humour that was popular in the early naughties. It's a bit wrong but so right.

Also worth getting into: Would I Lie To You with David Mitchell as a permanent panel member, and the excellent How Not to Be a Boy by Robert Webb.


It's no secret that I'm a coffee fiend. (A caf-fiend, if you will). My coffee of choice is a magic - a double-ristretto three-quarter flat white. I know, could I be more Melbourne? My buddy Andrew from my old work got me onto these - I was at the stage where a single-shot latte just wasn't cutting it any more (more caffeine please), but a larger latte would be too filling. Enter the magic! The "magic" ratio of coffee to milk - strong, rich, delicious, and when made well, just perfect.

Magic Coffee at Plantation


Sloths! They're just too cute and I cannot deal. I love how they're soooooo slow and I love how their little faces look like they're smiling. I love how cute and fluffy they look, even with their long claws and their bizarre way of walking that seems more reptilian than mammalian. They're so beautiful! I hope to see one in real life one day, but for now I make do with my sloth soft-toy, and a couple of pairs of sloth PJs, especially for when I'm feeling sloth-like myself. (P.S. we've all seen the sloth scene in Zootopia, yes? Too good!)



A few links I've found interesting lately:


Speaking of Chinese home cooking, one dish that I make incredibly often is Taiwanese Meat Sauce on Rice. I first made it five years ago, and it's been on high rotation ever since. I don't often repeat recipes, as I'm always trying new ones, but this one is a real keeper. I always serve it with the soy eggs, blanched gai laan, and fan wu cai eggplant (that's eggplant slices cooked with the rice in the rice cooker). So wholesome and delicious! Here's the recipe. Enjoy!

Taiwanese Meat Sauce on rice, soy eggs, blanched gai laan, eggplant


That's all for today! Coming up soon on the blog are lots of fun recipe posts - some healthy, some indulgent. I've got a cauliflower rice pulao and a heavenly cheesecake recipe that I can't wait to share. I'm also planning to blog about our trip to New Zealand and our engagement party soon, so that'll be fun! Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. I love that taiwanese meat sauce dish! So easy but so delish. And yay for cute sloths. They're so adorable.

  2. Kathleen Paris6:25 PM

    Congratulations re your engagement!



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