Featured Dish: Bo-Peep, St Ali

7/23/2012 11:58:00 AM

Yay, another featured dish!  I'm going to attempt to post these up every Monday morning from now on - a little inspiration for the week ahead!

BO-PEEP - Braised chunks of dorpa lamb shoulder with cumin spiced pan fried chickpeas, parsley & citrus, $22.50, St. Ali

I had the Bo Peep at St. Ali a short while ago, when I was invited to try out their new menu. If you've been to St. Ali before, (and I'm sure that means most of you), you'll know that the portions can be very generous, and between the two of us, we only managed to try two items from the new menu. I must admit we weren't very impressed by the Friends with Benefits waffle stack ($18.50), which came out lukewarm, drenched in syrup and was overpoweringly sweet. However, I totally adored the Bo Peep. Adored it!

The day we visited, it happened to be blisteringly cold and wet, and this hearty dish really hit the spot. There were generous pieces of tender slow-cooked lamb and chunks of potatoes and carrots, all in a gorgeously rich gravy. I loved the generous garnish of flat leaf parsley, and the textural interest provided by crisp chickpeas. Reading the menu description of "pan fried chickpeas", I thought they'd be ordinary soft chickpeas heated through in a pan, but they were more like crisp little bar snacks - an unexpected, but totally welcome component.

I thought of it as a homely dish, done in a sophisticated way - a really excellent meal.

St Ali
12-18 Yarra Place
South Melbourne VIC 3205
Ph: (03)9686 2990

Sarah and Sandra ate lunch as guests of St. Ali.

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  1. mmmm.. lammb! I've only been to St Ali once and it was for that vitasoy thingo.

    Not a coffee person so haven't had a reason to really go back :P

  2. i wish i could go to st ali more often but it is so far away from where i live. :(

  3. Hehe that is such a cute name. So if Friends With Benefits too for a dish that you can share! :P

  4. Totally cool name and totally comforting too :)

  5. Shellie - Their food is usually really nice too, and they do nice juices etc, so worth a visit even if you're not a coffee drinker!

    Michelle - It's a fair drive from me too, but worth a long drive every now and then. :)

    Lorraine - Isn't it cute! The dish was definitely hearty and not little and cute though!

    Adrian - Thanks! You should get down there to try it, so yum!

    xox Sarah



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