Pan Y Café

9/07/2010 06:38:00 PM

It had been ages since I'd seen my friend Richard, cafe-owner and smiley guy extraordinaire, and when my parents told me he'd renamed and rebranded his cafe, I thought it was time I paid him a long-overdue visit.

Hehe, looks like a little Pac man!

Pan Y Café
654 High Street
Kew East 3102
Ph: (03) 9859-9976

We visited on a Saturday at about 1:00pm, after the crazy breakfast crowds had died down, armed with a box of pistachio crescents. (Richard really likes them, and we'd found my stash of frozen dough in the freezer the night before, so thought this would be a nice opportunity to bake them.)

Pan Y Café means "bread and coffee" in Spanish, and the name was chosen because Richard wanted a simple name that had a universal meaning. They serve a range of your standard cafe fare, but of really good quality. Think filled baguettes, rolls, pies, pastries and cakes. Their bread comes from the Abbotsford Convent, which is also where their organic coffee is roasted.

We had a light lunch, kick-started by a round of coffees. For some reason, I always think of cappuccinos (cappuccini if we're being pedantic) as a special weekend drink, so tend to order them rather than lattes when I'm not getting takeaway. Pan Y Café's was good, but slightly hotter than I like - although I think this is a necessity for the location!
Cappuccino - $3.30

Baked Ricotta Danish - $3.50

Their ricotta danish is a nice, simple, not-too-rich breakfast pastry - just croissant dough filled with ricotta and studded with raisins.

I was a bit hungrier and went for a chicken ciabatta. I actually felt like one of their multigrain roasted-vegetable ciabatta, but they had all sold out earlier that morning. (Why is it that suburban families wake up soooo early?)
Chicken Ciabatta - $7.00

I've put the prices above (as best as I can remember) above, but having said that Richard wouldn't actually let us pay! (Perhaps he was all buttered up because of the home-made pistachio crescents, hehe). A big thank-you! Lovely to catch up!

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  1. I do like the look of that Baked Ricotta Danish!

  2. I'm with Penny! I've never thought of myself as at all interested in Danishes, but that just looks so big and generous and inviting :)

  3. That baked ricotta danish looks really interesting, though I would have been disappointed the size of it was mostly air! Looks like a good suburban cafe though.

  4. i recognize the abbotsford convent danish. they're actually quite big and filling, so don't worry about the air!



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