Organic Matters Food & Wine Store

9/21/2010 05:59:00 PM

Organic Matters Food & Wine Store
403 Riversdale Rd
Hawthorn East 3123
Ph: (03) 9882-7889

I'm not particularly into organics, and was drawn to Organic Matters more for its good location and nice menu than for the fact that they serve organic food. I love free range meats and eggs, but for example, I wouldn't spend $6 on a packet of organic tortilla chips, just because they're organic. I'd known about the cafe for a while, but only went when I realised they serve Wessex Saddleback bacon! (You may remember this noble breed from the ri-donk-ulously expensive and delicious pulled pork shoulder I made twice a few months ago.) April was keen on going as well, so we went together on a sunny Sunday morning to try it out.

Apart from all the usual cafe stuff, and Friday night fish & chips, they sell a range of organic groceries - wine, sugar, pasta, bread etc...

...and have cakes, biscuits and salads too. The biscuits and cakes look delicate, pretty and appetising, unlike the heavy, carob-and-grain laden varieties (Nigella would describe them as "hessian-weave") that I've seen at other veggo and organic cafes around town.

I didn't feel like coffee (gasp, really?!), so went for a soy hot chocolate, my non-coffee beverage of choice. They don't charge extra for soy either, yay!
Weak latte, Soy Hot Chocolate - $4

Organic brown sugar - THE item of 2010 cafes in Melbourne.

Sandra had scrambled eggs with mushrooms. The eggs were soft and creamy, and the mushrooms had a lovely strong mushroom taste.

Scrambled eggs on Zeally Bay sourdough toast with buttered mushrooms - $16.50

April also went for scrambled eggs, but had a side of bacon with hers. (Haha, probably because she'd patiently listened to me blab on about it for ages!)
Scrambled eggs on Zeally Bay sourdough toast with grilled Wessex saddleback streaky bacon - $16.50

I wasn't super-hungry, so I ordered soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers with bacon. It was the same price as the scrambled eggs, and felt like less value-for-money, but I guess there's no point forcing yourself to eat more just because it's a cheaper option! (God, I'm so not Asian right now!)
Boiled eggs & Zeally bay sourdough toasted soldiers with grilled Wessex saddleback streaky bacon - $16.50

And in fact, I am so glad I ordered the soft-boiled eggs - they were just what I wanted! Check out how gooey and soft they were!

And the bacon? It was delicious. It was quite a fatty cut, with only a few strips of actual meat on them, but it was so intensely salty and bacony that I couldn't have eaten much more. I loved that they came in thick slices, so much nicer than the depressing shrinkwrapped bacon rashers in supermarkets.

Overall Organic Matters is a pleasant enough place for a breakfast or brunch. I haven't been for the fish & chips nights or the special Saturday night dinners so I can't comment on those. It was on the expensive side - $12 for eggs, and $4.50 extra for bacon - but this is to be expected given that it's mainly (95%) organic. But actually, seeing as other cafes in the local Camberwell / East Hawthorn area charge similar prices for less reputable eggs and bacon, I think Organic Matters is a good option if you are in the area.

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  1. That must be the last place in Australia that doesn't charge for soy! Wowzers... maybe that's why the eggs are so expensive ;)

    I've never seen boiled eggs and toast soldiers on a menu here in Canberra, but perhaps I'm not looking hard enough? It sounds so wonderfully nostalgic :)

  2. Great stuff! I keep learning new things every time I come back to your blog.

  3. I've been past this place many times,but never been inside. It's a great write up of this place, maybe next time I'm up that way I'll have to pop inside.

  4. I am drawn to the boiled eggs and soldiers too. Something about childhood. I still love having them for dinner at home sometimes when there is nothing in the house!

  5. Hey all the dishes seems to be very tempting.Well do U have any idea about online stores for Indian Groceries Melbourne has?



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