Happy Birthday Me II: Birthday Bonanza

5/08/2009 09:42:00 PM

Just a quick post about some other foodie birthday gifts I got this year. First up, a 300gm block of my favourite chocolate, milk Lindt. Yum!

My parents got me a KitchenAid blender (hehe, to match the coffee machine from last year).

It's totally awesome, and slices and dices through onions, ice, carrots and meat in seconds flat.

Sandra got me a small (20cm) red Le Creuset. Love it!!! It's super cute. Perfect for when I eventually move out and only need to cook small portions.

I used it to make Jamie Oliver's honeycomb cannelloni - so called because it's cooked vertically and all the tubes look like a giant piece of honeycomb from the top. It's in Cook With Jamie.
You layer up white sauce, spinach, and a deeply mushroomy tomato ragout, and stick the cannelloni (dried obviously, not flaccid and fresh) in there, fill with more ragout, top with more white sauce and cheese, and bake!

In Jamie's book the pasta fit exactly into the pot, but as you can see from my photo the tubes were too tall. (Had to put a tray underneath to catch drips!) I was afraid the top might get dry and hard, but as long as there's sauce inside the pasta tubes at all time, there's enough liquid for the pasta to cook through. I noticed that as it cooked, the liquid in the pot reduced and didn't fill the pasta up to the top anymore, so I topped it up with more ragout and white sauce halfway through the cooking time. (Jamie's recipe makes a MASSIVE vat of ragout - you will need it all). It was fabulous - great recipe! A little different, and very tasty.

I loved my gifts, and felt very very lucky. (As you can guess, the chocolate was devoured in less than a week.) Oops!

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