Canberra 3: Milk & Honey... and schnitzel!

5/25/2009 05:55:00 PM

Ok... very slack of me, I know. 5 months on and I'm only just blogging the remainder of our trip to Canberra...

Artistic Cutlery Drain Thingo, Canberra City Centre

The Lighthouse Bar
80 Emu Bank
Belconnen 2617
(02) 6253 0390
The Lighthouse Bar is a typical pub, with nice views of Lake Ginnindera.
Schnitzel and chips with mushroom sauce.

A blackberry muffin we made at An's house, using those awesome blackberries we got at the Capital Region Farmers Market. We bought a muffin tin and papers while we were up there, because An didn't have any. Apparently he has now become quite the enthusiastic muffin baker!

Milk & Honey
Ground Floor Center Cinema Building

29 Garema Place Bunda St

Canberra City ACT
(02) 6247 7722

In the Canberra city centre there are quite a few interesting artworks, including the cutlery drain thingo (not the official term, I'm sure) at the top of this post, and these sheep sculptures.
City centre is also home to Milk & Honey, a trendy and modern cafe, where we went for breakfast. It felt very "Sydney" to me. As a huge bonus, it was open on Sunday mornings! Yay!

An ordered French toast...
French toast served with grilled banana and maple syrup - $10.

This was outrageously good. I normally hate French toast, but these were light and fluffy and just gorgeous.

I (unwittingly) ordered the no-carb option.
Fetta, leek and tomato omelette with smoked salmon, rocket and avocado - $14.50

This was tasty, but a bit rich for me. I would have rather had an omelette half the size, with some toast on the side.

Sandra went classic, with some poached eggs on toast.
Organic free range eggs scrambled, fried or poached eggs [sic] on toast - $9.50.

Large latte

Milk & Honey on Urbanspoon

Thanks for a great weekend!!!

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