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4/07/2009 07:08:00 PM

How Melbourne can you get? After seeing the abso-bloody-lutely brilliant Steve Coogan at the Forum as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (A-HAA!), we walked through the cold night air to a typically Melbournian dingy laneway for dinner, at Supper Inn. On the way there we spotted Janeane Garofolo (but were too nervous to go say hi or ask for a photo). We may as well have been in a Visit Melbourne ad.

Supper Inn
15 Celestial Ave
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9663-4759

Supper Inn is, duh, super-famous in Melbourne, mainly because it's great and it's been around forever. The Melbourne food press fawns over it because they're amazed you can get good Chinese food until 2am. (Ever been to Box Hill... Glenny... Springy... Doncaster????). Supper Inn is great, but doesn't happen to be a regular family favourite - not because we don't like it, but because there's usually a massive queue, and we like our suburban joints. However, I was totally craving the suckling pig, and at 10pm on a Sunday evening there wasn't a wait for our table. Score!

Pres. Duck Egg Congee (that's "preserved" duck egg congee, not "pressed" duck egg, as I originally thought, haha).

Deep fried flounder with salt and chilli

Stir fried gai laan with shiitake mushrooms - check out the generous serving of fab mushrooms!

Suckling pig (large serving)

I've forgotten the exact prices, but the congee was good value at about $6.50, and the non-fish dishes were just under $20. Everything was great, as expected, except for the suckling pig, which was pretty disappointing. The meat was tender and tasted good, but the skin was tooth-shatteringly hard and generally unpleasant. Such a shame; I have fond memories of eating this pork with Jamie, Cindy and Ed, some years back and was really looking forward to it.

What are your favourite supper places in Melbourne?

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  1. Erm, don't have a favourite eaterie in Melbourne because I have been there once - when I was five years old. But gawd that all looks delicious...and yay for Steve Coogan, he's coming to NZ as well but I didn't get tickets (am going to see Dylan Moran though, woohoo!)

  2. I love Supper Inn. The special fried rice is amazing and my experience with the suckling pig has always been quite similar. Love the photos as always.

  3. My late night eats - Both serving Malaysian Hawker food:

    Old Town Kopitiam in little Bourke - open until 2am Friday and Saturday night

    Chilli Padi Melbourne Central have a late night service too

    ..and then there's the late night Gyros at Stalactites if you're magotted

  4. Jess - Cool.

    Laura - Yes, Steve Coogan totally rules and rocks my socks. Hardly anyone here has heard of him though :(

    Michael - Thanks!

    Sticky - Thanks for the tips! I've wanted to try Kopitiam for a while. I miss Malaysia a lot!! Haha, I've been magotted at both Chilli Padi and Stalactites lollll

  5. I'm put off by the lines too & haven't been there in ages.

    @sticky: Old Town Kopitiam disappointed me. do you have suggestions on what's good?

  6. Tim K9:38 PM

    Supper Inn = overrated and overpopular!

    Tbh it's not bad. But Kum Den is way better.... mmmm pork chop rice....



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