Amnesty I

4/14/2009 08:25:00 PM

Inspired by Jackie's Amnesty post, I have decided to finally, properly clear up this backlog of food photos that I've been accumulating since I came back from Germany. Let's start at the oldest and work our way forwards, shall we?

Incidentally, Jackie blames Twitter for her reduction in blogpost frequency. I don't even tweet, and I still have a massive backlog! I guess I just eat and cook and bake and take photos much faster than I blog.

Let's go.

20/2/2008 - Puffed Apple Pancake

Made this from Bill Granger's Holiday (Celebrate! It would be so nice!) over a year ago (oh dear). I thought it would be great, a light batter poured over apple slices and baked in a hot oven, just like Nigella's sweet Yorkshire pudding. Sadly not that nice. It was quite bland and doughy.

24/02/2008 - Chocolate and Almond Pudding

Again, from Bill's Holiday (Celebrate! It would be so nice! - no, that joke doesn't get old), these puddings contain almond meal and are cooked in muffin tins. More cakey than a classic molten chocolate pudding, with a pleasant texture from the ground almonds. They weren't standouts though, so I haven't made them since. (You can imagine how many molten chocolate pudding recipes I still have to try, from cookbooks, magazines, blogs etc....)

16/3/2008 - Carrot and Almond Cake

From Neil Perry's Good Food, (Good Food is a Good Book!), this cake is a little unusual. I love a good old American-style carrot cake, with thick cream-cheese icing, but this was something altogether different. Not that it's any less delicious.
Vibrant colours!

It looks quite classy, and is rather flat and torte-like, with the texture of a moist flourless cake. It does contain flour, however, in the form of rougly chopped savoiardi biscuits. It also contains ground almonds, roasted walnuts and grated carrot. It is incredibly moist, and totally delicious. Even people who don't like carrot cake and were "suspicious of this carrot cake you've made, Sarah", thought it was fantastic and came back for seconds. Hurrah!

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  1. Sandra8:46 PM

    Fine, fine.. I admit it. I liked the carrot cake. Any cake that has a VEGETABLE in it sounds wrong to me by default. I was impressed.

    I didn't really like that Puffed Apple Pancake though. It sounds so promising - Apples and dough. Next time we should have a lot more apples and a lot less dough. but then again, we might as well eat an apple by itself. This makes me sad.



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