Amnesty II

4/18/2009 02:09:00 PM

More backlog...

11/3/2008 - Roast Pork and Dumplings
This dinner was made quite speedily with store-bought ingredients.

Small pork roast: Otway Pork, shrinkwrapped in plastic from Safeway. Got good crackling from it.
Semmelknoedel, from box. You drop them im Kochbeutel! into a pan of boiling water until the little grains in there become one big dumpling.

Dessert was grilled plums topped with brown sugar and almonds, and frozen yoghurt (Greek yoghurt + icing sugar, churned in an ice-cream machine). Refreshing.

25/04/2008 - Hainan Chicken Rice

My Aunty Ding (not my real aunty, my parents' friend) makes the best Hainan chicken rice. Please note the rice - brown from being cooked in chicken stock and with chicken fat - and the garlic chilli sauce - made with lots of garlic and chicken stock. MMMM Yum.

25/06/2008 - Courgette Pie

One of the first Nigella recipes I ever made, I still love it. You start by cooking cubes of zucchini with cumin, coriander and turmeric. Once it's softened, you add basmati rice and stock, scoop-by-scoop. This risotto-y mixture is poured into a filo-lined springform, topped with more filo and baked. Fabulous.

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  1. I love that pie. Something about the soft squash, firmer bite of the chickpeas, and warmth of the spice just really works.

  2. That courgette pie looks amazing! I love the sound of the courgette, rice and spices...and filo of course!

  3. That pie is one of my favourite Nigella recipes. I like the idea of a photo amnesty, I have a ton of old pictures squirrelled away myself.



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