Yee Sang

1/28/2009 09:21:00 PM

Remember how I mentioned I didn't like Yee Sang? Well, we did eat it from a packet so I guess I wasn't giving it a fighting chance. We stopped in at Monk and Me on Monday night, to find that they're serving yee sang on a special Chinese New Year menu until 8 Feb this year!

Monk and Me
9 Evans Pl
Hawthorn East 3213
(03) 9813 3261


My parents wanted to try the yee sang, so I was happy to give it another go. And the option of having raw slices of salmon with it sealed the deal. The salad by itself is $33, but you can get a serve of raw salmon for $8.

Their version includes carrots, lemon, chillies, leek, jellyfish, grapefruit, fried wonton skin, coriander and peanuts. Man, it's tiring just typing out the list of ingredients, imagine slicing them all yourself!

Salmon + peanuts

Fried wonton skins and sauce. A whole plate of crispy-fried deliciousness. (A lot nicer than the ones from the packet, hehe).

We put all the ingredients on a big plate in the middle and stirred it all together with our chopsticks. And you know, after my average experience with yee-sang on Chinese New Year's eve, I was so impressed with Monk's version! All the ingredients were super fresh, and I loved the salmon and the crispy crispy wonton skins.

It's my mission to make my own yee sang next year... watch this space.

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  1. Hi Sarah. My first comment here though been following for some time, but Happy New Year! Yes you really must try making 'Yee Sang' from scratch next time round. We had friends over on NY's eve and following Googling for suitable dishes to prepare for the occasion, decided on a version of the raw fish salad too! Ours had just about everything you mentioned in the restaurant version plus daikon, pickled scallions, fresh chilli, etc and raw sliced kingfish and salmon. It wasn't really too difficult, save for all that fine grating of veges as you mentioned! Dressing was simply plum sauce from a jar lightened with grapeseed oil and a splash of fish sauce. And mixing it up at the table sure was fun! 50% of our dinner guests were from Malaysia or Singapore and apparently our first yee sang effort was top-notch! :) And the rest were suitably bemused at the process. Will put up a blog about it if time permits.



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