Peking Duck

11/22/2008 08:32:00 PM

Is there a sight more beautiful than a big glistening pile of crispy roasted duck? Our favourite Peking Duck is at Little Beijing House, a semi-local, casual and friendly suburban restaurant. It is quite a small place, and is really popular, so I'd recommend booking. And, when booking it's usually a good idea to let them know you want Peking duck.

Little Beijing House
144A Canterbury Road
Blackburn South 3130
(03) 9878 9784

We start off with free soup: pork, tofu, veggies, salty broth. I love this soup!

Next come out the accompaniments - cucumber, spring onion, hoisin sauce.

Next come the steamed pancakes, and a massive crispy roast duck, which our waiter skilfully slices into small pieces. I was too shy to take a photo of him in action, but you can see the fruit of his labours at the top of the post.

I think most readers of this blog would know how to wrap up a Peking Duck pancake, but here's a pictorial guide if you don't know, or if you haven't had Peking Duck before. (You sad, sad person. And why aren't you booking a table at your closest Chinese restaurant, now?).

1. Pancake
2. Plum Sauce
3. Spring onion and Cucumber
4. Duck

Then wrap it up and stuff this parcel of deliciousness into your mouth as fast as is humanly possible.

Aside from being an enthusiastic Peking Duck eater, I am by no means an expert, or even an aficionado. I'm told that it's more authentic for the duck pieces to be more fat than meat, and super crispy. I, however, prefer the meatier pieces. So there.

Left: Crispy and fatty. Right: meaty and juicy.

At Little Beijing House, they will cook the remaining duck meat for you. You can choose to have it stir-fried with noodles, or with tau geh (bean shoots). Ordinarily, we'd go for the noodles, as my brother hates tau geh. On this night, it was just myself and the parentals, so we went for tau geh. Yum!

We also ordered a sweet and sour pork dish to share, but after having shared a whole duck between 3 of us (oops), we were too stuffed even to consider eating it. At least there were leftovers for lunch that week, wahey! If you want Peking Duck to be the whole meal, then a whole duck between 3 would be fine. If you want to go the more trad route and have the duck as entree, then I'd suggest going for a more modest portion.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am drooling!!!!!!! I love crispy duck and now I want some for breakfast! :-)

  2. Me, too! It looks soooo good!
    I am a sad, sad person who has never had Peking duck. Can you believe that?

  3. Anonymous10:42 PM

    i work there :]

  4. Anonymous10:42 PM

    i work there :)

  5. Sarah, how is it I don't know this place??? It's not all that far from us, and it looks fabulous. Love the option of having the remaining duck cooked up for you. I am going to have to get myself there asap! You're very kind to share such a gem with the world - might make it harder for you to get a seat;)

  6. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Yummmmm ... it's great to see sooo many people enjoy such juicy foods. If I die because of high cholesterol, I know I'll still have friends around me and not have to be lonely:) On my top list of fav delights at the moment ...



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