Halloween Cupcakes

11/10/2008 08:31:00 PM

Black as the night!

For Halloween, I attended a Halloween party (or should I say "Spooktacular '08"?), and had ambitious plans to bring savoury food (Nigella's fully-loaded potato skins), as well as black and white cupcakes with a web pattern on them. The party was on a Friday, and on the Thursday I bought black colouring and black gel in a tube (for the webby-lines), baked the potatoes and baked the cupcakes. The recipe of choice was Nigella's Halloween cake from Feast. It's all made in the processor. Too easy.

The plan for Friday night was to get home from work, finish the potato skins, ice the cupcakes, get myself into my costume, and make it 40 minutes across town by 8pm. HAH!

I started off by making black icing. I didn't have any golden syrup as per Nigella's recipe, so I went for basic glace icing (from the icing sugar packet). 1 cup icing sugar, 1 tbs soft butter, 1 tbs milk. I recall running out of milk as well, so I substituted 1 tbs of water and a sprinkle of milk powder. I'm not sure if it made a huge difference.

Sooo black! I needed about half a small bottle to get it this black.

I'd made 3/4 of the batter in cupcakes form, and the remainder in my Chicago Metallic Molten 'n' More Pan. I love how shiny and black the icing was! I iced half the cakes in the black icing, then made a batch of white icing, and iced the remainder.

By this stage it was getting late, I hadn't even started preparing the potatoes, let alone gotten dressed. And after a whole week of work, I was knackered!

As you can guess from the dodgy icing job, I totally forgot that I had bought the gel icing in the tube! I attempted to make web patterns with the black glace icing and a toothpick. Epic fail! I taste-tested this one, and then left the rest plain black or white.

I gave up on the idea of the potatoes (Markii didn't seem to mind though, phew), changed, and hauled-ass to Prahran for the party.

Ah well. I got to the party around 9, and there were scary cookies, little meringues, yummy punch and party pies! Yum yum. And everyone was in frikkin awesome costumes!

The cupcakes weren't quite as popular as the a-maaazing white mocha cupcakes I made for Markii's birthday this year, but they went down pretty well, and people seemed to be impressed by the blacker-than-black icing.

Thanks to Markii, Tim and Dan for a truly Spook-tacular party!!

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  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    that looks like such a fun spread of food. i wish my friends were such talented bakers!

  2. That black icing rocks my socks!

  3. What a fab array of spooky bakes, I love the skeletons especailly - will have to remember next year!



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