Steak Sanga

4/23/2008 10:36:00 PM

I love a good steak sanga. That's a steak "sandwich" for any non-Aussies out there. Before I made this one, it had been quite a while since I had one, but I was inspired after seeing Bill Granger make it on TV late at night. Totally droolworthy.

I made these this week for a super-yummy family dinner.

Bill's steak sandwich contains fresh crusty sourdough bread, garlic creme, quickly-fried fillet steak, caramelised onion, rocket, and tomato. Ta-dah, perfection.

Fillet steak is expensive,but you only need small slices, which you pound out thinly. I must admit I was quite alarmed when I saw they were $53 a kilo at Rendinas Organic Butcher, but for 5 steak sanga steaks, it only cost $20. Not too bad.

Bill's garlic creme is actually a garlic mayonnaise, which is an absolute pain in the arse to make. You start by whisking up egg yolks, garlic and balsamic vinegar, to which you have to add oil, drop by painful drop.

However, once your mayo is done and everything is creamily emulsified, you end up with the most delicious, creamy, garlicky mayo I have ever eaten! I was so impressed. It is absolutely worth making yourself.

Mmm... fattening.

Caramelised onions, cooked with a touch of balsamic vinegar for extra caramelisation.

The steaks.

I think the finest accompaniment for a steak sanga is chips, but I'm not a fan of oven-baked home chips. (Any suggestions for a good brand available in Australia?) So, I made some crispy crispy roast potatoes.

This was an incredibly delicious dinner, and my whole family loved it. I thought the whole combination was just fantastic, especially the garlic creme. I will definitely be making this again!

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  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Looks delicieux! i've never seen mayo made with balsamic vinegar! can you taste the difference? xo f

  2. Phwoar! Sarah, that looks amazingingly good, just as you promised... :)

  3. Anonymous7:04 AM

    ha! I was JUST about to lead my comment with PHWOAR as well!

    Well, your steak sanga definitely looks delicious and reminds me that I haven't had one in AGES!

    Btw, I can't wait to get to Germany and try the croissant in a box!

  4. Ooh delish. I love caramelised onions with balsamic vinegar...and I agree, home baked oven fries are crap! I'd take roast potatoes any day :)

  5. Had the folks over last night and made this - the second time I've made it the other time was with some good mates over.

    Is absolutely delicious and highly recommended.
    The Garlic Creme isnt THAT difficult to make and is well worth the time and effort put in, when the steak juices start to melt that Creme just as it's entering your mouth - SENSATIONAL...



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