Momotaro Ramen

4/15/2008 10:26:00 PM

Shoyu Ramen

Momotaro Ramen
392 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9421 1661

Momotaro is the story of the peach boy, Momotaro. He was born when a large peach floated down a river, and a childless old lady found it and took it home to her husband. Momotaro popped out of the peach, and became their son. When he came of age, he set off on an adventure to defeat the demons on Onigashima (Demon's Island), accompanied by his plucky friends - a talking dog, a monkey and a pheasant. He defeated the demons, and returned to his village a hero. Hoorah!

It doesn't say in my picture book whether or not Momotaro ate ramen, but as a strong, vigorous young Japanese demon-killer, I don't see why he wouldn't have.

Momotaro Ramen, the shop, is located on Bridge road, and is a favourite of Melbournians seeking out a ramen fix. It's very cheap too, with most mains under $10.


The ramen are massive, filling, and very very tasty. I was particularly impressed by the quality and quantity of the roast pork in each bowl of noodles.
Wakame Ramen - with extra seaweed! Full of iron for all you growing peach-boys out there.

We don't normally have desserts when eating out for lunch, but my dad was just craving green tea ice-cream. It was a good thing he ordered it too, because it was fantastic! It was less sweet than most green-tea ice-creams, with a lovely deep matcha flavour.

Green Tea Ice-cream

Momotaro Ramen has been around for years, and now that I've finally visited, I'm not sure what kept me away from it all this time! I'll definitely be back. Oishii ramen!

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  1. Momotaro ramen desu ka - oishisoo desu, sara san! I've been meaning to go there for ages, you've beaten me to it! :)

  2. Un, sugoi oishikatta yo!

    Tabete mite kudasai!

    xox Sarah



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