Picnic on a sunny day. Or "Get that damn swan away from me!"

10/21/2007 09:23:00 PM

Saturday was a lovely warm and sunny day, so 2 of my friends and I decided to do the touristy thing and headed down to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic.

We brought... some Magnolia Bakery cupcakes with vanilla buttercream...

... a funky picnic stash, including lavoche, Laurent baguette, cheeses, mango chutney, Nigella's red pepper hummus (Nigella Express), some crudites, fabulous Brazillian guava paste, muscatels and sun-dried tomato dip...
... and a couple of trendy cooler bags to hold it all in!

It was a great, relaxed afternoon. Except for when we were ambushed by scary giant black swans. One member of our party holds a traumatic experience of being bitten by a swan as a small (cute) child, and was not impressed by the Botanic Gardens' bold swans who love to come up and annoy unsuspecting picnickers. I was not that traumatised, but I was severely worried that they would steal (or peck) our carefully prepared food.
Note the petrified expression on my face as the swans come ever closer to our picnic.

But in the end we just threw bread at them and they went away. Phew!

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  1. Um, SCARY! Those swans were *way* too close!! They're mean!
    Your picnic looks great. Glad you all got away with limbs intact.

  2. I recognised that exact spot immediately I saw the photo. The Botanic Gardens are probably the best spot in Melbourne for a picnic and that lawn is the pick of the locations. Shame about the swans!



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