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10/15/2007 08:55:00 PM

My next batch of recipes from Nigella Express generally fall into the "tasty but not pretty" category.

Maple Chicken 'n' Ribs with New Orleans Coleslaw

The chicken & ribs were made by special request of my father, who loves all forms of stickily roasted meats. This recipe comes from the Quick, Quick, Slow chapter, which has recipes that can mostly be prepared in advance, and are designed to fit in with a busy lifestyle. With this recipe, you just marinate some chicken pieces and pork ribs overnight, and bake them the next day. Ta-dah. Tasted great! The only problem was that the pan and pork ended up greasy and mushy - I'd gotten "pork ribs" at a butcher which had no bones, little meat, and heaps of fat. The small amount of meat we did manage to scavenge, however, did taste good. So I look forward to trying this again, with proper boney pork ribs. The chicken remained unscathed.

The coleslaw is the suggested accompaniment for another chicken dish in the book, but I thought it would go well with this one, seeing as both the salad dressing and the meat marinade have similar ingredients. It just needs a bit of chopping and a bit of stirring - easy to do while the meat is cooking.

Crunch crunch, munch munch. The salad made a nice, refreshing accompaniment to the rich chicken 'n' ribs.

Quick Chilli

I made the chilli one night after a long day at work - bought all the ingredients at the supermarket on the way home, started cooking as soon as I walked through the door, and dinner was ready in about 30 minutes. Very comforting and substantial. I felt that the chilli had a bit too much chorizo, (I'd easily halve the chorizo next time), but the taste was good nonetheless.

Naan Pizza

My chance to make the deliciously cheesy Naan Pizza come about one day when I discovered a leftover garlic naan in my fridge, a remnant of the previous night's takeaway. Score! The naan is covered with a squished tomato, sliced mushrooms, thyme, and cheese, before being baked until crispy and bubbling. Fabulous.

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

We had the naan pizza with the Mexican scrambled eggs for a (surprisingly not hungover) Saturday lunch.

And they tasted as good as they look! That is to say, they didn't taste good at all. These eggs include fried pieces of tortilla, spring onion a diced tomato and some chilli, as well as the obvious eggs. It sounded good on the page, but on the plate it just seemed like the tortilla flavour overpowered the dish, and the result just seemed watery. Not recommended! At least the naan pizza was good!

More to come... (you better believe it!!)

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