Good Lord!

10/29/2007 05:57:00 PM

This healthy-looking bowl of deliciousness was my breakfast this morning, and comes by way of Jill Dupleix, as do most of my regular breakfasts these days. In the bowl, we have a selection of chopped fruits - banana, kiwi, blueberries - topped with low fat Greek yogurt and a sprinkling of Jill's crunchy granola.

Granola, or toasted muesli, is generally not recommended by doctors, due to its high fat and sugar content. As a friend of mine graphically put it - "those 'toasted' mueslis taste so good because they're not toasted in the oven, they're fried". This description was accompanied by ghoul-like spirit fingers to illustrate the little oats being fried in oil, and was effective enough to scare me out of having toasted muesli as my regular breakfast. (Even Nigella's magnificent Fairfield granola).

That is not to say that delicious granola doesn't have a place on the healthy eater's breakfast table. Jill's granola is made with less oil and sweet things than commercial varieties, and she recommends that they be eaten sprinkled over a more sedate breakfast, such as fruit and yogurt (as above), or porridge, rather than as breakfast in itself. With its selection of grains, seeds, coconut and dried fruit, I found this granola to be an appetizing way to add crunch, fibre and nutrients to my workaday breakfast.

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  1. Thats a great idea. I'm a bit addicted to making various verisons of toasted muesli including Nigella's granola but have to admit they are quite high in fat and/or sugar. By using just a sprinkle instead of a whole bowl its much healthier. For now I am sticking to bircher style muesli which has to be good for you, oats, bran, fruit, nuts, yoghurt/milk & no toasting or nasty oils/sugars added

  2. That looks extremely yummy for something so healthy :)

  3. MMmmmmmmm!!
    I never go for museli dishes... but that looks delicious!!



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