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A Week of Healthy-(ish) Home Food

10/15/2006 01:32:00 PM

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to try and eat some proper meals to fuel my studying. Most of the things I made this week came from the October Delicious, whose theme this month is "Feel-Good Food: Low fat, low carb and gluten free". Perfect!

Bill Granger's Pearl barley, broccoli & cashew salad with tamari dressing

Bill Granger's Miso-Glazed Fish, served with the barley salad

Nigella's Spatchcocked Chicken (From Nigella Bites - marinated for 24 hours in lime juice, vegetable oil and coriander seeds, then baked at 230C for 45 minutes). It was absolutely brilliant, and deliciously tender! I didn't even have to cut it; just picking it up with tongs made it fall into 4 servable pieces.

Silla Bjerrum's Miso & Poppyseed Salmon with Rustic Kumara

Spag Bol with leftover steak from BBQ. I made this without a recipe. It went watery for some reason but still tasted good.

Homespun beef and beans with pasta in super-retro pot. The next day, I took the leftover spag bol sauce, added a few handfuls of macaroni and let it cook, then added some beans. (Kind of like Nigella's "Beef and Beans with Pasta" from How to Eat.) Delicious.

Salad with shaved asparagus in it.

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  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I have been using some of this month's recipes too, my favorite is the brown rice sushi with tuna, avocade & wakame I haven't sourced the edame yet and serve mine with pinked red ginger.
    Eating it with the brown rice, just makes you feel so chaste. In fact I served it to my hubby and I tonight!

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    i like using coriander seeds in marinade as they give an indian flavour to it..
    And, can I know, in which of Bill Granger's book is the Miso-Glazes fish from ? Thanks :)

  3. Hi Swee,

    The recipe for the miso-glazed fish was in this month's Australian Delicious Magazine. Loads of good recipes in this month's edition, so I highly recommend picking it up!

    xox Sarah

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    thanks :)



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