Ice-cream! Just in time for summer

10/22/2006 12:57:00 PM

I wandered into Borders yesterday, (heading straight to the cookbook section, as usual) and picked up a couple of books.

The first was Iced, which is a big book full of delicious looking ice-cream recipes, and great photos.

There are lots of exotic and classy flavours in here too - think black sesame, wasabi, sour cream and so on - things you could make for a posh dinner party.

The second book was Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book. Interestingly, it seems that their ice-creams aren't based on a cooked crème anglaise, but just whipped eggs, sugar and cream, which you flavour and then freeze. At any rate, I'm sure the recipes will be good; I absolutely love Ben & Jerry's!

We don't have Ben & Jerry's ice-cream parlours in Australia, but you can get it in tubs at specialty stores. I have very fond memories, however, of Ben & Jerry's parlours in London, the US, and especially Amsterdam (on the Leidsestraat, a 5 minute walk from Leidseplein). Dozens of flavours, awesome cookies, and big soft cushions to sit on. Just a tip - when you hit a Ben & Jerry's yourself, I recommend that you skip all the fruity flavours and go straight for the creamy, chocolate, caramel, nut-filled, brownie, cookie-dough, crunchy ones. They are the shiz!

As for trying to recreate the Ben & Jerry experience at home, I'm looking forward to trying New York super fudge chunk, butter pecan, cherry Garcia, chocolate chip cookie dough, banana peanut buter, peanut butter fudge swirl, vanilla superfudge brownie...

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  1. Anonymous6:08 AM


    I'm a firstime poster, long time reader of your blog. It's great - keep up the excellent food stuff.

    I have Ben and Jerry's Ice cream book as well. And I've done the vanilla superfude brownie. It's delish. Try it with Nigel's very good brownies, it's even better, then.

    BTW, We have very similar tastes in fave cookbooks. I have most of Nigel's books, all of Nigella's and most of Jamie's. We must be 'Gastro twins' separated at birth, LOL.

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Hi Sarah, I'm a lurker on the Nigella board and this is where I found your blog. I'm so envious that you're just coming into summer - we're just leaving ours!! Great blog!

  3. Sarah...complimenti per il tuo italiano!!!
    You write a very good italian, sweetie and i love the comments you leave on my blog!!!

  4. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Not fair that you're eating ice cream in warm weather and we're freezing our bum's off in Canada. I hate winter!!

  5. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Sara What a wonderful blog:) Congratulations I will definitely be visiting regularly!
    Ok now I'm off to go through your archives and work up an appetite and get some inspiration on what to cook for dinner

  6. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Me Again! Well thanks for the most unforgettable 3 hours I've ever had.I read every single post in both your blogs and I am speechless, ravenously hungry, highly motivated to go out and cook and I can honestly say this experience was better than sex.
    The one thing I don't understand is how you and your family aren't hugely overweight, I feel as if I've put on 10kg's just by reading all this.
    Anyway thanks for an extremely enjoyable afternoon and you have managed to get yet another ardent fan. I look forward to your next post
    Greg (Athens, Greece)

  7. I love what Greg posted!!

    It's so true. Your blog(s) are so very readable, a little TOO readable! I should be studying right now.. hmm!

    Anyways, I love ice-cream. I want to eat it right now in fact. It's so muggy in my house! ugh!

    I remember this basil and lime sorbet I made last summer. It was fab, I must do it again some time.



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