Alumbra's Gourmet BBQ or "Happy Birthday Mark!"

10/01/2006 11:53:00 AM

On Friday night, I went to Alumbra to celebrate my good friend Mark's birthday. Alumbra is a wicked-cool bar in the Docklands. Note - it is in the Docklands. This means you will get lost trying to find it. I'd reccommend giving yourself an extra 30 minutes. They have a gourmet BBQ menu there, which was pretty cool.

Mark, myself, and a lamb bone. We so bond over food.

Basically, you buy a $15 ticket at the bar, and take it outside to the BBQ man, who will cook you up 3 pieces of meat. He had beef patties, lamb and sausages. Now that I'm looking at their online menu, it seems that they're supposed to have a wider range of meats, with more exotic flavouring and accompaniments. Oh well, it tasted good anyway. And the BBQ man rocks!


Barbecue Man! He was so nice!

You can also get salads, bread and dips...

Potato salad, regular salad, dips

Plate of Bread & Meat - mmm.... delicious.

And once your plate is loaded up, you can take it back inside (or stay at the outdoor tables) and eat!

Time to eat

Eating barbecue is serious business.

Happy Birthday Mark!!

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  1. I love you!

    Thanks for coming!

    (the BBQ was fucking AWESOME, ne!)



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