Beach Picnic!

12/02/2005 02:05:00 AM

Today was the first day of summer, a gorgeous 34 degree day, with endless blue skies, a warm breeze and sun, sun, sun! So, my friend George and I donned our bikinis, and drove down to Rowville to pick up our boy Markii, and went to Edithvale beach to make the most of this wonderful day.

Mark made a fab beach-friendly lunch, which he duly packed in an eski for us to enjoy on the beach.

Le Menu de la Plage de Chef Markii

Roast chicken focaccias with whole-egg mayonnaise, cucumber, tomato and pepper
Olives, sundried tomatoes (with toothpics), kabana

Ginger Beer
Fruit kebabs - pineapple, pawpaw, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew melon

George and I also bought a couple of little additions from Safeway on the way to Mark's house.

Salada lite poppyseed crackers
Black Swan spinach & pinenut / roast pumpkin dip
Diet coke with lime
Schweppes Agrum (pink, citrus flavoured soft drink)

George & Focaccia

Picnic bits

Fruit Kebabs - what genius, putting the fruit on sticks made it easier to eat, and less prone to sand infestation!

Fruit Kebabs

Look at the fanned strawberry. Mark says, "That's my attempt at garnish". Very nice.

Frozen Grapes. You know, I've never had grapes like this before, but they're brilliant. And now I don't think I could have them any other way!

Awesome day, awesome food, awesome friends!

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