I'm a dish!

12/10/2005 04:54:00 PM

Oh my god, how stoked am I?! I've had a dish named after me! That's right, li'l old me!

Lisa created the dish... and it is named... "Awesome AussieSarah Chicken".

yes, a dish I've named after our dish aussiesarah. It's chicken sprinkled w/Ranch dressing mix, roasted on rice, then sliced red peppers added and doused w/Tabasco at table. Ace!

And how delicious does that sound? Ranch dressing, GOOD. Rice, GOOD. Red peppers, GOOD. Tabasco, YEAH BABY YEAH!


single serve

I can't wait to make it myself, all my fave ingredients in the one tasty dish.

Thank-you Lisa! You rock my world!

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