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11/27/2005 01:43:00 AM

Ever since our blogger dinner, I've been inspired to update here much more often! Woohoo!

Last night I went out clubbing with my friend Georgina, and at about 1:30am, we started getting very hungry.

Me: You hungry?
George: WHAT???
George: YES!
Me: What do you wanna eat?
George: WHAAAAT???
Me: WHAT... DO... YOU... WANNA... EAT?
George: WHAAAAAAT???

Over the racket of hard house music emanating from the speakers next to us, the conversation was going nowhere fast, so I typed all the suggestions for food into my mobile phone to show her.

Stalactites Hungry Jacks KFC Chilli Padi

She wanted Stalactites, which I was very happy with. We were in St. Kilda, but there are some things worth travelling for!! So we left the club, and were heading towards the car, when suddenly... from a flourescently-lit window... we saw a sign...

New! Subway's Beef Teriyaki Sub! 8 grams of fat or less!

... and our minds were changed. So into Subway we went. We decided, cunningly, to purchase one footlong sub and share it, rather than two 6-inchers, thus saving ourselves about $4. Niiiice.

George: One footlong beef teriyaki sub please.
Subway Girl: Toasted?
George: ...to me... Toasted?
Me: Er... yeah.
Subway Girl: Salads?
George: Lettuce, tomato, onion, olives please.
Subway Girl: Do you want cheese?
George: Yes.
Subway Girl: Swiss, tasty or cheddah?
George: Er... Swiss!
Subway Girl: What sauce do you want?

Good God I love ranch dressing. Thank-you to my American hermana Lisa for introducing it to me!

We went and ate our sub in the car, which then smelled unmistakably of onions the next morning. But it was worth it.

Magic Subway

Sub - teriyaki beef, Swiss cheese, American ranch dressing. It's globalisation in a sandwich, and it was fantastic!

The next morning...

This morning, I started work at 11am, and popped down to Mrs. Fields to pick up breakfast, which I ate in the staffroom. I got a latte and a blueberry muffin for $5. It was awesome! It was soft and fluffy on the inside, and full of blueberries. And you know how muffin tops usually rock whilst the bottoms suck in comparison? Not this time! The outside was crusty, even on the bottom. The top was sprinkled with a fab sugary-buttery crust. Insane. So good, in fact, that I immediately had to text message a mate...

This muffin is fucking awesome.

Muffin & Coffee

I hadn't had Mrs. Fields in so long, I'd forgotten how good they are.

At work, one of my co-workers, Michael, had a similar idea, and had gotten an Oreo Brownie, a chocolate chip muffin and a latte for breakfast (from a different shop).

Michael: I love working at Melbourne Central! You can get everything here!

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  1. Muffins are awesome!

    Yeah, you gotta try Subway! Sometimes they can be a bit minging, but they're always so tasty... my recommendation is to start off with a 6-inch one, to see how you like it. Once you've decided that you like it, you can graduate to the footlong!

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